Fusion the Blockchain
World and Future Finance
Next Bank Rootbase is a high-performance blockchain
financial services framework agreement. Rootbase is the
future financial infrastructure designed to enable
blockchain and intelligent contracts to serve as more
enterprises and financial institutions as Internet protocols.
Make Blockchain Protocol Fast and Easy

Next Bank Rootbase leverages open peer-reviewed standards such as BIP32, BIP39 and
BIP44 to enable organizations or their customers to protect hundreds of cryptocurrencies
through Next Bank’s Backup Phrases technology. Rootbase is designed to be secure,
scalable, and compliant with the regulatory framework. With Rootbase, organizations can
create self-storing wallet solutions or institutional custodial programs

Blockchain Applicaitions for Enterprise




Fortune Management



Next Bank APIs Solutions


APIs to create keys, addresses and deterministic omnibus directories.


APIs for Blockchain transactions including broadcast, signature and verification.


Notification system for transaction state and alerting on abnormal transactions.


Enabling institutions to cryptographically verify source of funds and identities.


Direct connections to live managed Blockchain nodes enabling instant transaction notifications.
Rootbase Introduction
The Infrastructure Framework for Future Financial
Next Bank Rootbase is a basic API architecture
designed to enable organizations to create their own blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions.
Rootbase is the next generation of revolutionary
infrastructure for future blockchain financial products
and services that powers future blockchain finance.

Benefits of Rootbase & Institutional Self Custody

Designed on battle-tested BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 standards

Enabling consumers or institutions to safekeep their digital assets through BackupPhrases

Easy to use blockchain protocols with multiple blockchain support

Create institutional crypto wallets, liquidity and custody services

Up and Running at Scale
Universal Wallet Runs Completely on Rootbase

Built 100% on Rootbase

Over 100+ Coins supported

Manage, exchange and invest all in one app

Secured with a single Next Bank BackuoPhrases

Private BackuoPhrases are never transmitted

the Hierarchical
Deterministic (BIP32) standard for custody

Transactions signed on device then broadcast to Blockchain via Rootbase

Thin client built on Rootbase APIs

Strategic Partnerships
We’re looking for early Rootbase financial partnerships.
If you think your institution is a fit, we’d love to hear
from you.
Have a question about Ethos Bedrock? Contact us at
bedrock@ethos.io, or

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