Firstly, Glance the Universal Wallet

One Coin Wallet for All Your Coins

Multi-type Invest Program toAdd
Your Funds

Track & Manage Your Portfolio

Multidimensional security matrix to
protecy your funds

Supports 100+ cryptocurrencies – with more to come!
A Power Cryptocurrency Wallet for You
Next Bank Universal Wallet will store all of your tokens, coins and digital assets safely and securely on your mobile device. Track assets you have stored elsewhere – such as a hardware wallet or an exchange. Next Bank Universal Wallet gives you a complete view of your entire portfolio in one place, with rich analytics to show your performance
Intelligent Wallet
One wallet to rule them all. Securely store and manage your coins on multiple blockchains seamlessly.
Easy Exchange
Next Bank combines the full power of an exchange without leaving the safety of
your own wallet. When you need to make a trade, you don’t want to mess with transferring funds, copying wallet addresses you just want one app where you can make it happen with the push of a button.
Easily track your coins and assets stored anywhere in a clean and simple interface.
Learn more with in-app Coin Profiles featuring charts, descriptions, reviews, ratings and more.
Advanced Multidimensional Security
Matrix. Complete Control
Next Bank never holds your
assets and you remain in
complete control at all times.
Biometric + PIN Protection
Take advantage of added
security features to keep your
assets safe, and access them
Your seed stays secure.
Your unique wallet seed is never
stored on our server, never
transmitted over the internet
and is securely encrypted on
your device.
Easy To Recover.
Lose or damage your phone? No worries. Simply restore your
wallets using your 12 backuo
phrases mnemonic.
Payment, Send and Receive

Cryptocurrencies are always on the
move and so are you.Whether
you’re moving your coins or
sending money to friends,
transferring crypto has never been
easier. Think Paypal for Crypto.

Next Bank Universal Wallet secure your spot on the blockchain with a custom handle to send and receive crypto using Verified Wallet

Multi-wallet address services
provide customized storage.

Software Clod Wallet
The software cold wallet service based on
parallel space technology adds a new layer of
protection to your ceyprotcurrency storage.
More security. More Reliable.
Future Finance is for Everyone
Now, anyone with a mobile device is a participant in the change of the times. Next Bank, as the infrastructure of the future finance, connects the cryptocurrency world to the real world, making cryptocurrency an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. Next Bank Universal Wallet is just the beginning. We are committed to discovering, explorering and creating powerful opportunities for as many people as possible to recognize, participate and enjoy the new economy and future financial convenience.The future financial situation is suitable for everyone
We Are Different, Headed and Going Forward
Nano S
Asset Allocationv
Mobile Support
Fund Transfer
Cold Storage
Managed Keys
Software Interface
ERC20 Tokens
Token Classifications
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