Next Bank POS
We continue to improve, refine and optimize the hardware,
software and security of our POS solution to maintain the best in class quality.
Why Next Bank POS

Instant Transactions

Next Bank POS transactions happen instantly at less than 0.5 seconds. No delays.
Just pay and go.

Support Multiple Cryptocurrencies

The Next Bank POS is cryptocurrency-neutral, so you can transact with your
favorite coins or tokens like BTC, ETH, EOS,, etc.Work Easily With Next Bank


The Next Bank Universal Wallet is an easy-to-use
crypto wallet. Top it up with your preferred
cryptocurrency and pay with ease with your Next
Bank Universal Wallet app.

Buy Cryptocurrency With Ease

In addition to making payment, customers can
purchase cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from the
Next Bank with ease. The experience is as easy
as buying a cup of coffee.

Fiat Settlement without Volatility

To avoid any volatility risk, merchants will receive
their settlement in fiat money.
Product Lines
Next Bank provides multiple POS solutions for retailers

Next Bank POS

Next Bank POS Handy

Next Bank POA Desk

FeaturesNPOSNPOS HandyNPOS Desk
Cryptocurrency wallet
Traditional mobile wallet
Sell cryptos
Buy back cryptos
Pay with cryptos
QR code
NPXS rewards
NPXS advertising
NPXS app distribution
Inventory management
Membership management
Identity management
Exchange platform
Mobile network
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