Meet Next Bank
The R&D team of Next Bank was formed in Sep 2016 and they were united around the idea of ​​creating secure solutions for blockchain applications. Afetr the development for two years, ecosystem of Next Bank has been prototyped . Therefore, Next Bank Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Colorado, USA in December 2018, in order to expose the products and services in the ecosystem of Next Bank.
Our Mission
Our mission is to create an open, safe and fair financial system for the world. We use design, technology and community to provide financial solutions based on blockchain that will enable everyone participate and enjoy the new economy and future finance.
Our Core Value

● Cutting edge technology and offerings that make life significantly easier for users

● Use Bluetoot for xryptocurrency transactions

● Developed the password recovery of encrypted data

● Pioneered an easy set up of 2 Factor Authentication that only requires a tap of a button.

● Freeing people from the need to rely either solely on themselves or a 3rd party—independence, but with support when you need it.
● Next Bank Universal Wallet automatically encrypts and backs up user data, without needing any private information or having access or control over any of the user’s money
● Next Bank Universal Wallet connects users to top-tier blockchain networks and services .We support you when you need help with the best customer support in the industry


● Open source, open door, open mind. Collaboration helps build better products and a better ecosystem.

● We host an active Cryptocurrency.